Long delayed, but letting go

I'm beginning to forgot what your arms feel like, draped around me. My memory fades of the kisses you gave me, the embrace of your lips. Your voice echoes slightly less in my view of the past. And I miss you. And I sometimes hate you. And I need to forgive and move on. And I need to let you go.

I dreamed a lot about us. Our future. I had hoped. This reality of me & you, and not me & you. Just me. It crushes me and my heart sinks just a little more. I admit, it wasn't perfect, but I saw sparks, I felt something like gravity between us. And words just ripped us apart at the seams. For what its worth, I care about it. I hope you're well. I hope you find someone that fit just a bit more right than you and me. I hope you have gravity and fireworks and things click into place. I hope you find happiness.

But like sad love songs or most country songs, we weren't right, right? Right. So it goes. I wish things were different, but the reality is and just is. I'm sad I'm not in your life, but we're on different paths now. I really enjoyed the time we spent together.