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I feel stupid scp

scp -r myserver.com:"/path/with/a/Space\\ In\\ It" ./

Oh...how did I not know this?



I want this for just regular sleeping. RAWR.


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  • wtf, female psyche?
  • I liked the charts.
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Picture 3


When you're not the one

It's just so damn hard to hear sometimes. Maybe it plays like in the movies and your heart sinks just a bit. Queue the slow motion frames and the drink drops to ground and breaks into a million pieces just as your heart shatters. I suppose you're not 'the one' more often than not. But how many even get to be in the race?

It's not easy. In fact it's impossible to not be hurt, burned, or broken in the game of love. It's important not too linger in the heartache too long. It's a comforting to be in sure, but you really can't stay there too long - life's short. But there's an upside maybe. You get some time to wallow and all those songs just make sense don't they? In the end it doesn't matter much about the details. The big thing is something wasn't right.

Keeping one foot in front of the other. Rinse, repeat. Wish them well, or not, but your life was not tied to theirs. Hopes, wishes and dreams, but what may have been - wasn't and life goes on. This is a fact of life and of love, most of the time you're not the one.