Slices of the past

That day was...the kind of day that I wanted etched into my memory. Etched in stone against the river of time that would erode these pictures, these voices, these memories one piece at a time as if they were tiny grains of sand and earth. The seconds feel like the ocean waves washing against my guarded memory of that day. The blue sky, warm weather and pieces that fell into place make me wonder if the universe is a conspiracy or the random set of events toppled by an angry toddler. Did I feel lucky or did I feel like I cheated some cosmic game of chance? I don't know. It happened once. I felt happy.



Fuck you Times New Romain. Long live fixed width font. TNR is like the asshole who doesn't know he's an asshole, until now.

It's a new year and things just keep moving. We change, things change, our circumstances change - if you let them change. Good things can happen. Good thoughts and good intention channeled though good actions are catalysts for these things.

Over the weekend I attended a Post Secret event in sunny Modesto, CA. There Frank Warren said (to the effect), if he had to relive all the pain in his life, every moment of heart wrenching pain, he'd do it all over again because it made him who he is today and appreciate the things he had in his life now.

Anyway, here's for change in 2012. Cheers all you assholes using TNR.