little things

Note: To make notes, one requires paper, also pen. If roaming, pen holder. That...is fantastic.


Age Markers

I got this credit card [review] earlier this week. I was really really excited because 1) I <3 American Express, 2) the points!

I realized that this is a sign that I've reached yuppie-dom. Then I wanted to cut myself. But in a really nice hotel I could now get with MY DAMN POINTS. And I would fly there for like half the cost with my transferable points to almost all major airlines (I will totally shill out for points and the promise of more points).

So, yeah. Starwoods Preferred Guest Amex card.



Inspired by the site Everyday Carry, I'd like to give you a glimpse into what I carry, everyday.

  • The bag - Osprey Daylight. The hydro pack area fits my macbook air perfectly. It's got enough room for my charger and a pair of clothes/shoes.
  • Laptop - MacBook Air 13". Work issued. Awesome, though I'd love more power and battery life.
  • Phone - Samsung Nexus S. T-Mobile. Best phone I've ever used.
    • Micro USB cable. Sometimes you just need to charge it. Also, you can get the power brick adapter that's really small, I carry that when I travel overnight.
    • iPhone headphones (w/mic). It's just the best headphones for me. Bonus the button works to play/pause music on the Nexus S.
  • Glasses - Oakley Splinter. Rx. Black Polarized. I love these glasses. Oakley makes great fitting glasses, at lease for my face. Obviously inside the case.
  • Book - Currently reading, Bill Bryerson
  • Wallet - Coach Luggage. I don't know the model, but I think I've had this for at least 7 or 8 years. I like this one because it's got 6 card slots - choose wisely.
  • Knife - Wenger Swiss Army Apprentice. I've had this for years. It's really handy.
  • Writing - Moleskin Cahier softcover notebook
  • Edibles - Whatever gum I can get. Always carry gum.
  • Watch - Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 8500 (38.5mm, black teak). I have a NATO strap. More comfortable than the metal band. Yes I wear this everyday, it's a beautiful watch and while I have a cellphone, there is something amazing about this timepiece.
  • Keys - 2007 Volkswagen GTI. Turbo...mmm.



200 miles

200 miles to escape the familiar. Out to the ocean where people board wooden ships to cross time and space. Round the blue skies and on to the open roads till things don't make sense. You have to slow down once in a while to see those green rolling hills. Never more truer words etched into our minds of the journey is the adventure, not the destination.


Self Loathing in San Francisco

It's Friday night, 11pm and I'm going to bed. I hate myself.


Outlook, not just for mail.

When I get sad, then I stopped being sad and became awesome instead. True Story.  - Barney, HIMYM

I think every since I was a little kid, I tended to gravitate to what was wrong rather than what was right (in life). I remember my Dad would go on about how much my attitude sucked, which made me focus on how much I didn't want to be listening to that right then - a vicious cycle that perhaps is the root of my furrowed brow. Or maybe I was just a weird kid.

Who says TV doesn't teach you important life lessons?


The Shit I Read

Karen (not her real name) cheated on her husband twice* for her children to have better genes.

Wow. I really don't buy this bullshit. If she has a great and understanding marriage, would adoption be a choice? What about getting a donor? What if the husband said, look wife, I'm hot as shit, but you aren't and I want my kids to be pretty - let's go find an egg donor. I really don't think that would fly. In fact, husband would probably lose a testicle.  Chalk one up to another double standard.

Cheating. Affairs. Some people are wired that way. Doesn't that mean there are a lot of us that are wired for monogamy?

This world is full of fucking people.



I didn't know we died in pieces

"I cannot emphasize enough that my body is a badly designed, poorly put together vessel, harboring these diminishing, so-called 'vital organs'. Hope my heart goes first. I HOPE MY HEART GOES FIRST!" -  Los Campesinos!
So I put one foot in front of the other. And so it went until I was down the street, out of my town, and into the world I had turned away.



How does that work?