The universe is not conspiring against me. Right?

There are times where it fells like everything is coming down on you. I feel that way now. On the precipice of some cliff of shitty feelings, I feel like sometimes I can just say fuck it, lay down and let the world pass by. But I won't, and I can't. I've dreamed! I've hoped, And the reality crushes these things into the pit of my stomach. They won't be. It's just a reality I will need to accept. The days turn quickly into weeks and months and then years. Reality isn't what I've hoped, dreamed or wished. But yet, here I am. I am here and the reality hasn't kept me from waking up, so I guess I'll keep getting up. Putting the past behind me... I'm going to try damnit. I'll keep fighting against the fucking dark otherwise what's the point?