Things I carry II

I find sites like everyday carry and apartment therapy so fascinating - where you get a voyeuristic peek into someone's life and their ideas...maybe even a bit of their personality. For me it's partly seeing what different ideas people have and I'm always surprised by how I wouldn't have thought about something this creative or if done badly how I judge them just a little bit. Anyway, I posted something like this about a year ago. Time for an update.

  • Keys - I don't really need to drive anymore since I live and work in San Francisco. I now take my BMW so I get to reduce the number of keys I take with me. Yay. I bought this happy face key chain a when I was at the locksmith. I like it.
  • Wallet - found of Etsy. It's really thin which forces me to carry only what I need and nothing else:
    • Drivers license
    • Clipper Card
    • Visa (Both personal, and corporate)
    • Backup credit card
    • ATM card
    • Few business cards
    • Cash
  • Watch - MKII Vantage. Watches are great. Cell phones tell time better sure, but there's something really nice about a mechanical watch that doesn't use circuits, satellites and radio waves to tell time. It's an icon to a bygone era where accurate time was the foundation that made so many things possible. The little gears and mainsprings that make this possible are really amazing when you thing about it. I used to wear nato straps, but I think I stopped when I saw another dude at work with Rolex Sub on a blue stripped nato. Plus they start to smell after a while. I like these MKII watches because they're homage watches, that use really great parts (Omega uses some of the same) but don't have the price (or douchebagger) associated with some of the actual brands (not that I think Rolex is worn exclusively by douchebags, but I've met too many people that wear them just because it's a Rolex - Ok, I admit I'm a snob about a lot of things).
  • Phone - work provides me with a bunch of devices I need to test and use. I'm using a Samsung SIII, but transitioning to a Nexus 4. What can I say that you haven't read in a review? Both great devices.
On a day to day basis. I normally take a few more things with me. Some headphones, my laptop, sunglasses, an umbrella, maybe a flashlight or whatever. I changed bags to an Osprey Orb Daypack. It's great, but since I bike to work often I stuck some reflective tags on the back.

After reading this post, it sounds like a product placement ad, but whatever.