You can't dream if you can't sleep

There was something wrong. Something, but we couldn't really put a finger on it. So we ran around with worried looks and tired legs. The time went on and things kept humming so we didn't try to fix nervous 'what if's'.
Just like a the blue moon it came out again, suddenly and big. The finger was placed while we looked in awe. It's obvious, the tides as the blue moon sweeps them to your feet. The humming was broken by the shallow waves from the tides of the blue, full moon.
Our feet wet from standing still, suddenly we found ourselves out of excuses and with no more strength to run anymore. Finally the tides withdrew and retreated to the sea, dark and stormy with the full blue moon. We were left with just us, you and me. That's where goodbyes live, the space where the moon is blue and full.